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Visual perception   ( Remove category)

Visual scanning sheet

Lesson Resources This is a great resource, allowing you to make your own Letter Mash sheet- ideal for scanning practice.  

Visual motor bingo

Lesson Resources

Here are the game boards for Visual Motor Bingo I laminated the boards so they could be reused.

Wordsearch generator- make your own free !

Lesson Resources This makes life very easy- simply type in key words, subject specific words etc and this link will generate a Wordsearch free. You …

Pre-writing/ tracing sheets

Lesson Resources This generator produces pre-writing and early writing support sheets. Learners must over-write and copy a number of shapes and line patterns.Use the …

Fine motor/ handwriting sheet generator

Lesson Resources This is a Stage 1 Tracing Sheet generator.This generator prints a selection of sheets to support early handwriting and pre-writing skills. Learners must …