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Finger manipulation / Pincer Grip Development   ( Remove category)

Therapy Ball Hand & Wrist Exercises Demonstration


Screenshot of video: Therapy Ball Hand & Wrist Exercises Demonstration

Guide to some of the exercises you can do with small therapy or stress balls.

Peg / colour matching activity


Screenshot of video: Peg / colour matching  activity

Newbridge Outreach uses pegs in a variety of activities to help develop pincer grip/ hand strength. Here is a colour matching activity using pegs. Thanks to

Toca Hair Salon


Screenshot of video: Toca Hair Salon

Let your children run their own Toca hair Salon. Cut, colour, comb and blow-dry lifelike hair on six different characters. Using your fingers you can make any hair style you …

Theraputty exercises


Screenshot of video: Theraputty exercises

This is a great 6 minute video showing you a range of good activties you can do when using Theraputty.

5 fine motor activities using rubber bands


Screenshot of video: 5 fine motor activities using rubber bands  Here are 5 activity ideas to encourage fine motor skills and muscle strengthening of the small muscles of the hand using rubber bands.

Alphabet dot activity.


Screenshot of video: Alphabet dot activity.

Great for fine motors skills and eye-hand coordination. Patterns can be found at . You could use bingo pens or chunky felt tip …