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Diabetes- school implications

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school implications when supporting diabetic pupils?

Magazines for children and young people who have diabetes

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Tadpole Times is a colourful, lively magazine aimed at children aged 4–10 years, featuring photos, drawings, poems, jokes and cartoons. On the level, is packed full of news, interviews and …

Diabetes - medical overview


Screenshot of video: Diabetes - medical overview

A 5 minute film explaining how diabetes occurs and how to treat it.

Travelling with Diabetes

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Well set out website outlining the key fators to consider when travelling with an adult/child who has Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes awareness video


Screenshot of video: Type 1 Diabetes awareness video

Type 1 Diabetes awareness video

Information about Diabetes in different languages

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Here is a link to information relating to Diabetes in different languages including British Sign Language, Polish, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali etc

Care in School helpline

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A free helpline for Parents and School Staff  Open Mon- Friday 9 am- 7 pm 

Freestyle Libre Sensor


Screenshot of video: Freestyle Libre Sensor

A simple introductory video.

Free resources for Schools supporting children who have diabetes

External Resources offers free resources for Schools Leaflets- Taking exams            - School Log Book           - Diabetes cards for …