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Twinkl Website great resources

Learning Aids

Highly recommended This is a great site with great clear resources for Literacy, Numeracy, Assessment, Language, Rewards, Visual timetable, Curriculum areas

Hatton Outreach Service

Outreach Services

This specialist outreach support and consultancy service provides support for individual pupils in mainstream primary schools. The outreach service works with pupils who have a range of significant language, social …

William’s Syndrome Factsheet

Family Resources

You can download a factsheet from this link. It provides information relating to; What is William's Syndrome? Is there any treatment? What is the prognosis? Is there any research being …

The William’s Syndrome Foundation

Family Resources

The William's Syndrome Foundation provides information and support. It has succinct information relating to; summary pack, ideal to download to give to staff behaviour parent's support and personal experiences mental …

Williams Syndrome- key issues for a teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key issues for a teacher to know relating to William's Syndrome?