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Marfan UK online support forum

Family Resources

Marfan UK is not so much to inform people medically about Marfans syndrome, but to create a social enviroment for people with marfans syndrome to discuss their problems regarding this …

Marfan Association

Family Resources

A great 4 page fact sheet summarising key facts and where to go for help and support.

Sensory overload


Screenshot of video: Sensory overload

Sensory Overload by ICanTalkNowAutism.

Marfan’s syndrome


Screenshot of video: Marfan’s syndrome

Shows children and teens who have Marfan syndrome. (Photos generously provided by Rick Guidotti/Positive Exposure and Timothy D. Joyce)

Key facts about Marfan Syndrome


Screenshot of video: Key facts about Marfan Syndrome

Some key facts about Marfan Syndrome.

Hypermobility & Marfan Syndrome


Screenshot of video: Hypermobility & Marfan Syndrome

A woman with Marfan Syndrome who has hypermobile joints.

Lucy Hunter - An article in The Independent.

External Resources

An article about Lucy Hunter who has Marfan Syndrome and she also has two children who have the same syndrome.