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Sensory stories for PMLD students - including The Olympics Story, Lion Witch & Wardrobe, RE stories

Learning Aids

Here you will find some great switch operated senseory stories suitable for PMLD/Sensory stories. Some of the titles include; Olympics story Christmas Carol Bed bugs Rama and demon king …

Typing games- Bubbles, Keybricks and Key man

Learning Aids

Here are three simple online typing games: Bubbles- pop the bubbles by typing the letter in the bubble, clear, good speed and a good game. Keyman- a little like PacMan …

Tux Paint

Learning Aids

Tux Paint is a free, drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (or older students who have SEN). Tux Paint is used in schools around the world as a …

Priory Woods- simple switch number games

Learning Aids

Priory Woods make great resources for pupils working at relatively early levels. In this section you will find: Ladybird counting game Penalty shout out no 1- 5 10 fat sausages 5 naughty …

2 Connect - mind mapping software

Learning Aids

2Connect2Connect is a concept mapping and planning tool which will help children organise their thoughts individually or collaboratively on a network. It's a simple way to put ideas on …

Starfall - free literacy and numeracy games

Learning Aids

Starfall has a range of simple literacy and numeracy games- ideal for over learning / homework The games tend to be visually simple and so are accessible for most students and …