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Calm down box

Learning Aids

What a great idea for students and SENCo's alike !!!  I would be nice to tailor make some to allow students to calm down and develop coping strategies.

Free sight words UNO game to download

External Resources

Are you looking for a fun way to practice the Pre-Primer Dolch sight words with your class? Play sight words Uno with them! This game is played with the same …

How to keep your Class quiet? Try Bouncy Balls


Screenshot of video: How to keep your Class quiet? Try Bouncy Balls

This is a great free resource from ICT Magic. Set up on your Whiteboard - if the class is quiet the balls don't bounce !

Easy learn free resources

External Resources

Easy Learn produce a range of good quality photocopiable books for a range of subjects. If you sign up to receive their monthly newsletter, they will email you monthly offers. …

Reminder strategies

Learning Aids

Ricky Morris suggests simple strategies to use to help students remember messages etc These range from dots on thumb nail, plasters in fingers to simple reminder bracelets Take a look …

Instant display

External Resources

This site is new to me and it is great. It is organised into curriculum areas - if you scroll down you will find the free resources and other resources …