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Tux Paint

Learning Aids

Tux Paint is a free, drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (or older students who have SEN). Tux Paint is used in schools around the world as a …

Starfall - free literacy and numeracy games

Learning Aids

Starfall has a range of simple literacy and numeracy games- ideal for over learning / homework The games tend to be visually simple and so are accessible for most students and …

Poisson Rouge- gd early years/ mouse skills games

Learning Aids

This is a great visually simple site - that encourages pupils to click, drag and drop items to explore and play games. A fun Early Years site - but a …

Mouse skills- drag and drop build a face game

Learning Aids

Very simple game- use your mouse to click and drag and drop elements to build a face.

Shiny Learning - Balloon burst game

Learning Aids

This is a game of dare !Press the press bar /switch until you reach the pin - can you touch the pin wthout it popping? 

Putting up the Xmas lights - great mouse activities

External Resources

This is a sweet simple programme - using your mouse, click on the house to 'dress' the house, press on the 'lights' and the house lights up and plays a …


Learning Aids

Nanogames are designed for players with a very wide range of abilities. This enables a child with a disability to play and win a wide range of logic, arcade, educational …