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Kids Reading Comprehension Level 1 Passages For iPad

Learning Aids

Kids Reading Comprehension level 1 Passages For iPad is an interactive and educational app, developed to assist parents, teachers and caregivers in teaching their children to learn the essential skill of …

Second Grade Reading Comprehension English NonFiction by Abitalk

Learning Aids

This reading comprehension app has twenty non-fiction stories about children's daily life. You can also create and add your own stories to the app.

Apps to support Auditory Processing Disorder


Screenshot of video: Apps to support Auditory Processing Disorder

A short demonstration of how to use App's in an ipad to help develop Auditory Processing Skills.

Top App’s to support Dyslexia and Literacy Acquisition 2013

Lesson Resources

Here is a current list of app's we recommend to support students who have Dyslexia and difficulty with literacy acquisition.

Art Maker App- FREE

Learning Aids

The Art Maker by ABC's Play School app is a fun way for kids to freely create pictures, animated movies and story slideshows using Play School toys and craft items. …

Professor Garfield Fact or Opinion

Learning Aids

Professor Garfield explains the differences between a fact and an opinion (particularly with regard to the Internet safety) and how a fact can be verified.