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Kids Reading Comprehension Level 1 Passages For iPad

Learning Aids

Kids Reading Comprehension level 1 Passages For iPad is an interactive and educational app, developed to assist parents, teachers and caregivers in teaching their children to learn the essential skill of …

Second Grade Reading Comprehension English NonFiction by Abitalk

Learning Aids

This reading comprehension app has twenty non-fiction stories about children's daily life. You can also create and add your own stories to the app.

Apps to support Auditory Processing Disorder


Screenshot of video: Apps to support Auditory Processing Disorder

A short demonstration of how to use App's in an ipad to help develop Auditory Processing Skills.

Top App’s to support Dyslexia and Literacy Acquisition 2013

Lesson Resources

Here is a current list of app's we recommend to support students who have Dyslexia and difficulty with literacy acquisition.

Art Maker App- FREE

Learning Aids

The Art Maker by ABC's Play School app is a fun way for kids to freely create pictures, animated movies and story slideshows using Play School toys and craft items. …

Professor Garfield Fact or Opinion

Learning Aids

Professor Garfield explains the differences between a fact and an opinion (particularly with regard to the Internet safety) and how a fact can be verified.

Comic Life software or app

Learning Aids

Comic life is great free software you can download or you can use an app. It enables you to quickly and simply import photos/ pictures and add comments - a …