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Deep breaths


Screenshot of video: Deep breaths

This great idea was posted on Pininterest on Happy Teacher via Sally Haughey.

Impulse control behaviour reward system

Learning Aids

I like both the ideas here; Credit card to collect 'money' that can later traded in Out of his seat tokens- I am sure this could be used with students …

Words hurt, words help

Learning Aids

A visually simple resource to help students understand the impact of hurtful words/phrases.

Smarty Pants (Emotions) App

Learning Aids

Large animated expressions, gestures and silly faces make this simple choosing activity a fun way to explore feelings, emotions and encourage imitation. Pick a character then choose an expression for …

Stop calling out !

Learning Aids

What a great idea!This is a very simple idea to stop students from calling /blurting out or you could use the reverse and reward great listening etc I love …

Mini Break cards

Learning Aids

Many of the students we support would benefit from taking a break, but often it is difficult to find constructive actvities for the students to do. Here, you can download …

Inclusion Development Programme- Supporting pupils with Behavioural, Emotional Social Difficulties

External Resources

This is  free resource for staff to access. The modules are small and easy to incorpate into staff training sessions.

20 ways to keep your students attention

External Resources

Great, practical strategies and ideas to pass to staff.

Notebook Babies

External Resources

Tony Dusko has created these lovely short films that can be used to support social skills activities. Films include; Sharing Left out Don't give up Including others Lunchtime bully