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Sensory equipment ideas

Learning Aids

This blog aims to providing ideas when purchasing sensory toys, fine motor, and oral motor manipulatives, fidgets, and toys to a population of kids and young adults with sensory needs, …

How to learn to ride a bike if your child has sensory issues

Learning Aids

Nancy Peske's article provides very sensible and sound advice when trying to teach a child ride a bike.

Autistic like

Family Resources

Award-winning documentary about father’s journey with his son.

SPD blog

Family Resources

A blog designed for parents who have a child who has sensory issues.

Living with Sensory Processing Disorder


Screenshot of video: Living with Sensory Processing Disorder

Daniel, a young man living and succeeding with Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Sensory Processing Disorder and the 7 Senses


Screenshot of video: Sensory Processing Disorder and the 7 Senses

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects our 7 (yes, 7!) senses: proprioceptive, vestibular, sight, smell, taste, tactile, hearing. Sensory processing has many aspects to it, as demonstrated in this educational video about sensory …