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Brain Highway


Screenshot of video: Brain Highway

Introductory Brain Highways video on the effects of poor sensory integration, particularly proprioception.

Sensory equipment ideas

Learning Aids

This blog aims to providing ideas when purchasing sensory toys, fine motor, and oral motor manipulatives, fidgets, and toys to a population of kids and young adults with sensory needs, …

How to learn to ride a bike if your child has sensory issues

Learning Aids

Nancy Peske's article provides very sensible and sound advice when trying to teach a child ride a bike.

SPD blog

Family Resources

A blog designed for parents who have a child who has sensory issues.

Autistic like

Family Resources

Award-winning documentary about father’s journey with his son.

BBC- My Autism and Me


Screenshot of video: BBC- My Autism and Me

In this Newsround Special, 13-year-old Rosie takes viewers into her world to explain what it's like to grow up with autism - a condition which affects how children see life, …

How to help students who have sensory processing difficulties at school?

External Resources

This is a good summary offering useful strategies to help students who have sensory issues in school,