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Cool Math 4 kids Website

Learning Aids

This is a very visually stimulating site- designed to encourage students to click to see what will happen!This would be an attractive site for pupils interested in gaming …

Number bond activity


Screenshot of video: Number bond activity

Farmer Pete - a Number Fun song by Dave Godfrey that helps children understand Number Bonds to 10.

Dyscalculia -symptoms


Screenshot of video: Dyscalculia -symptoms

A simple clear illustration -useful to display in SEN room.

Number bonds using a grid like Numicon


Screenshot of video: Number bonds using a grid like Numicon

  Basic number facts to 10 using the tens frame.          

Dyscalculia- Jane Emerson


Screenshot of video: Dyscalculia- Jane Emerson

Jane Emerson provides an introduction into the less well known condition of dyscalculia. She considers the question 'What is dyscalculia' and gives an insight into its symptoms and its effects.

Dyslexia - Co-occurring conditions - webinar very useful for CPD


Screenshot of video: Dyslexia - Co-occurring conditions - webinar very useful for CPD

In this webinar, Glenys Heap, Dyslexia Action's Director of CPD discusses the key issues related to learning difficulties frequently co-occurring with dyslexia such as dyspraxia, ADHD, etc.

Dyscalculia - Numberphile- Brian Butterworth


Screenshot of video: Dyscalculia - Numberphile- Brian Butterworth

An expert on on cognitive neuropsychology speaks to us about his research on the seldom-discussed "dyslexia for numbers". Professor Brian Butterworth is based at University College London.

Reading Ruler

Learning Aids

Eye Level Reading rulers are coloured filters that can help overcome glare and tracking problems. Available from Crossbow Education Tel: (0)845 269 7272