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CPD materials prepared by Matt Grant

External Resources

Matt Grant has a great website HumansNotRobots which is well worth a look. Under the resource section there are Powerpoints/ handouts/ notes etc- if you are planning CPD sessions it …

SNAP Essex Charity

Family Resources

SNAP charity is based in Essex. They have a really comprehensive resource library - books, toys, computer items.  If you contact them, they will send you a directory of …

Reading Ruler

Learning Aids

Eye Level Reading rulers are coloured filters that can help overcome glare and tracking problems. Available from Crossbow Education Tel: (0)845 269 7272

ADHD/ ADD simulation


Screenshot of video: ADHD/ ADD simulation

A short film illustrating difficulties maintaining attention.

Teen issues

External Resources

A website designed for teenagers to discuss the issues they face. Advice and information on a wide range of issues teenagers will require support in.